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June 10, 2021

The 3 Best CS:GO ESports Teams In 2020

The amount of professional CS:GO teams keeps getting bigger. The interest in internet sport (E-sport) isn’t falling, which definitely doesn’t work to the advantage of the top teams, as they have more ‘’competition’’ which can take over their place in the top CS:GO teams leaderboard in the future. We have therefore prepared a comprehensive, yet subjective list of the best CS GO Teams based on their 2020 performance. ...
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April 19, 2021


The phenomenon of having CS:GO skins is very familiar to all of us. This brings the question… Were CS:GO skins available since the beginning of the game? Well, no they haven’t. Skins in the Global Offensive version of the game were introduced nearly a year after the game was released. Today, we can be sure that the t ...
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