Counter Strike Global Offensive and Counter Strike 2 case inspired by purple skins. Inside this case you will find all the skins that are purple: Desert Eagle Pilot, USP S Dark Water, Souvenir Famas Styx, Five Seven Neon Kimono, M4A1 S Dark Water, M4A1 S Basilisk, M4A4 Griffin, AK 47 Rat Rod, AK 47 Orbit MK01, Souvenir AK 47 Safety Net, AWP Pink Ddpat, P250 Wingshot, AWP Paw, USP S Cyrex, AWP Atheris, M4A4 Evil Daimyo, Famas Pulse, SG 553 Pulse, M4A1 S Flashback, CZ75 Auto Tread Plate, Five Seven Triumvirate, AWP Phobos, Glock 18 Weasel, Tec 9 Avalanche, AK 47 Safety Net, Famas Spitfire, AUG Torque, AK 47 Emerald Pinstripe, Glock 18 Brass, SG 553 Tiger Moth, TEC 9 Titanium Bit, AWP Worm God, Five Seven Retrobution, MP9 Rose Iron, MP9 Ruby Poison Dart, P90 Death Grip, USP S Guardian, Galil Ar Stone Cold, USP S Flashback, P2000 Handgun, P2000 Woodsman, Glock 18 Steel Disruption, P250 Red Rock, P250 Supernova, Famas Styx, Famas Neural Net, Glock 18 Grinder, P90 Chopper, Desert Eagle Naga, M4A1 S Nitro, MP7 Impire, Famas Valence, CZ75 Auto Eco, PP Bizon Fuel Rod, UMP 45 Scaffold, Desert Eagle Light Rail, P250 Inferno, Galil Ar Crimson Tsunami, Galil Ar Signal, TEC 9 Re Entry, CZ75 Auto Red Astor, AWP Pit Viper, Desert Eagle Directive, UMP 45 Plastique, CZ 75 Auto Tigris, AUG Aristrocrat , SSG 08 Ghost Crusader, Glock 18 Moonrise, UMP 45 Grand Prix, P250 X Ray and Galil Ar Firefight. The most expensive item in this box reaches the value of $142.48

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