I General
  1. These terms and conditions apply to the use of electronic services via
  2. The website is operated by AjinWare, NIP: 364198980, with its registered office at Przedwiośnie 7/9, Katowice 40-315 (Poland).
  3. You may contact us by: email: [email protected], contact form on the Website or by post: Przedwiośnie 7/9, Katowice 40-315 (Poland).
  4. These terms and conditions are constantly available on the website We recommend to print a copy of these terms and conditions or save an electronic version for future reference.

II Definitions

The following words used in these Terms and conditions mean:     

a. Terms and conditions – these terms and conditions;
b, Website/Shop - website
c. Operator/Seller - AjinWare, NIP: 364198980 with its registered office at Przedwiośnie 7/9, Katowice 40-315 (Poland);
d. User – adult individual using the Website and having a mobile phone;
e. Account – part of the Website which is assigned only for a User;
f. Service – payable or free of charge electronic service for a User on the Website;
g. Item/Skin – virtual resource, which is not real, can only be used in Counter Strike: Global Offensive game;
h. Client – User which is a consumer within the meaning of article 22[1] of Polish civil code;
i. Steam – website;
j. Consumer Rights Act – law about consumer rights from 30th May 2014 (Journal of Laws, dated 2014, item 827);
k. Law of Provision of Electronic Services – law about electronic services providing (Journal of Laws, number 144, item 1204).

III. Use of the Website

  1. Use of the Website means any User activity on the Website.
  2. The use of the Website is possible only when User communication and information system comply with following minimum technical requirements:
           a. computer or mobile device has access to Internet;
           b. access to e-mail;
           c. latest version of the web browser with enabled Cookies and Java Script.

      3. The User in particular is obliged to:

           a. not publish any prohibited by law content for ex.: content about promoting violence, defamation, violation of personal rights and other third parties’ rights.
           b. not use any potential errors on the Website;
           c. use the Website in a way to not disturb its functioning in particular by using appropriate softwares and devices;
           d. not send via the Website any spam;
           e. use of any content on the Website only for individual purpose;
           f. use the Website in accordance with the law and the provisions of the Terms and conditions.

       4 .Only Users above 18 may use the Website.
       5. In case of detection of any error on the Website, the User should immediately inform the Operator about it.
      6. The user who consciously used the error is obliged to immediately return the skins that were drop and withdraw by error. The user has a maximum of 14 days for the return.
      7. If, after verification of the account, it turns out that the User used page errors that he did not report to the administrator, the administrator has the right to seize the player's inventory and not allow the withdraw of the collected skins.
      8. After deciding that the payment cannot be made due to the use of errors, the user may appeal against the decision in writing - a complaint sent only by letter to the company's seat at the address: Przedwiośnie 7/9, Katowice 40-315
      9. After receiving the appeal, the administrator has 30 working days to respond to it.
     10. The administrator has the right to block the account for 14 days in order to verify the data after detecting suspicious transactions and other movements on the account.
     11. In the case of infringement of any provision of these Terms and conditions by the User. The Operator may discontinue the agreement to provide Services with a 14 day notice period.
     12. It is prohibited to use codes of popular creators. Would the User use such a code, this code may be removed.
     13. The amount of Accounts that a User may have on the Website is limited. If the User has more than one Account and uses any of them to generale artificial statistics or for any other reason infringing the functioning of the Website, the Operator may remove or block some or in exceptional circumstances all of the accounts of this User.
     14. The Website is not operating and is not dedicated to Users from Denmark. It is prohibited to use the Website by Danish Users. Such a User will be blocked by the Website.
     15. The Operator informs that any fraud or attempt to commit a fraud should be notified to a law enforcement authority. Such an activity is beyond the Operator, but we make every necessary effort to clarify it by cooperating with a law enforcement authority.
      16. From the 8th of December 2020 skins may only be paid on the Account from which the loot boxes were opened. The User may ask the Operator to get skins paid on another account only in the case of a blocked main account for instance VAC – the proof of payment from the bank account is necessary to change the trade link.

IV. Services

  1. The Users may use the Services provided by the Operator on the Website 24h a day and 7 days a week.
  2. Services provided to Users are available after logging in to the Website via Steam.
  3. The Operator provides to the Users who have an open Account following Services: Account topping-up, buying Items from the Shop, opening a loot box with Items, opening a box with daily bonus, a box with discount codes, improvement of Skins, paying out an Item, participation in competitions on the Website, using a Premium Account on the Website.
  4. The User may contact the Operator through a contact form on the Website.
  5. The daily bonus service is available to Users after topping up the account for a minimum of 5wpln.
  6. In order to be able to add and use promotional codes, you must have a top-up account for a minimum of 5wpln.
  7. After using the codes worth 75% of the user's deposit, another deposit of any value will be required, which will also add the user 75% of the top-up amount to be used to top-up the account with promotional codes. Example: The user has paid 100wpln = the user can top up the account with promotional codes worth 75wpln.
  8. Competitions and promotions may be organized on the Website for which the terms will be provided on the Website. The regular and Premium Terms of conditions can be found under this link

V. Account
  1. The User may use the Website through their Account which they may access by logging in via Steam.
  2. The Website only receives following data: Steamid, avatar, nick Steam when the User logs in via Steam.
  3. Logging in via Steam is safe and no personal data, such as: login and password to Steam will be shared.
  4. The User may at any time recharge their Account through following payment service providers: RushPay, SimPay, ZEN, PaySafeCard or CashBill.
  5. We recommend to get familiar with the Terms and conditions of the different payment service providers which are available under:

            PayByZen: click here

           SimPay: click here

           CashBill: click here

           Kinguin: click here

  1. Each payment service provider has a minimum value of transfer: ZEN: 5 polish zloty, RushPay: 1 polish zloty, SimPay: 1 polish zloty, CashBill: 3 polish zloty, PaySafeCard: 3 polish zloty.
  2. The Operator is authorized to permanently block the User Account, when: the User does not comply with the Terms and conditions, the User violates good habits or personal rights of other users or of the Operator, even after prior notice.

VI. Premium Account
  1. The User may buy a Premium Account, to get specific functionalities on the Website.
  2. The Premium Account provides:

          a. the access to Premium loot boxes;
          b. more coins for opening each loot box;
          c. the access to a Premium lottery;
          d. better drop in daily bonus and discounts;
          e. Premium icon on live drop;
          f. more money when recharging;
          g. better earning from recommendations;
          h. Premium support;
          i. lack of „” in the nick;
          j. lower fee from the skin selling;
      3. A Premium Account is active for 30 working days.
      4. The cost for a Premium Account is 10wPLN by month. The fee of the payment service provider has to be added to this value.

VII. Conclusion of Item selling and reception agreement

    1. The procedure for buying an Item is following:
    2. The Seller informs that the availability of the Skin is subject to the availability of the Item in the storing area from which Skins are taken
    3. Each offer of purchase is subject to our acceptance. After confirmation of the order, the Skin will be available in the User Steam. The purchase agreement is then concluded.
    4. Would you get information about a delivery problem or that the Skin is not available, the Skin shall then be available to be collected from the equipment on the Website.
    5. In case of problems with the Skin collection, you must contact the Seller and if necessary return the Skin.
    6. If the purchased Item is available, you must pick it up within 14 days. After this time a lack of  picking up of the Item will result in the sell of the Item.
    7. To pay out an Item, the User must first recharge his wallet on the Website with 10,00wPLN – the fee for the payment service providers has to be added to this value.
    8. The User may use discounts offered on the Website, which are valid for 24 hours.
    9. Skins with StatTrak™ mark can be drawn but simultaneously Items without StatTrak™ can be drawn.
    10. Would the drawn Skin not be available, you must wait for it, exchange it for another or sell and pick up immediately another one from the Shop:
After the sell of a Skin, its value is assigned to the wallet (90% of the value of the Skin), but for a User with a Premium Account after the sell of a Skin, its value is assigned to the wallet (100% of the value of the Skin).
    12. If the majority of the user's balance is derived from the use of promotional codes, the ability to withdraw via the store is limited, the user may only withdraw his items from the Profile tab.
    13. Most are understood to be over 75% of the balance added from promotional codes.

VIII. Price and payment

  1. The User may recharge the Account using polish zloty or US dollar.
  2. The Website allows the User to convert polish zloty into US dollars and opposite. The conversion will happen automatically, when a User who has recharged their Account with polish zloty start using the Website outside of Poland and when a User who has recharge their Account with US dollars start using the Website in Poland.
  3. After recharging the Account, the User receives a virtual currency wPLN, which can be used to realize transactions on the Website.
  4. Prices on the Website are quoted in virtual currency wPLN.
  5. The price of the Item should be checked by the User, because the price may differ from the one on Steam. Prices are collected from bitskins that’s why Skins after pay out on Steam may have lower value than on the Website.

IX. Opening of boxes

  1. Users may purchase on the Website a loot box with Items, daily bonus box, box with discount codes.
  2. The User knows the content of the loot box before opening it. Before opening the box, the User, declares that they accept its content and do not submit any objections about it.
  3. The Operator does not influence the process of opening the box by the User.
  4. The Operator does not guarantee that the value of the content of the box will be higher than the cost of purchase and opening of the box.

X. Improvement of the Skin

  1. The User may improve the Skin on the Website, after drawing the Skin.
  2. The minimum value of improvement of the Skin is 1,00wPLN.
  3. To improve the Skin the User should use the Upgrader page on the Website, choose the Skin or use the balance and then choose Skins which will be improved.
  4. The Operator informs that the bigger the multiplier selected by the User, the lower the chance to win, but the value of the Skin will get increased. After choosing the multiplier, the chance of improving the Skin will be shown on the Website.
  5. Playing modes are the following and do not affect the chances of success:
          a. fast mode – fast improving;
          b. crazy mode – crazy animation of improvement.
       6. In order to increase the chances to win a Skin, the User may add his balance to improve and may connect Skins.
       7. Users may use only the balance without adding their Skin.
       8. The Website allows Users to improve max. 15 Skins during one improvement.
       9. The chances to improve the Skin depend on which Skin or multiplier will be selected.
       10. The minimum chance to improve the Skin is 5% and the maximum is 75%.
       11. Would the improvement of the Skin fail, the Skin disappears from the equipment of the User and it is not possible to improve again this Skin and to return it.
       12. Would the improvement of the Skin succeed, the User gets an improved Skin.
       13. Would the improvement of the Skin fail, the User gets a cashback of 0,05%.

XI. Right to withdraw from the contract

  1. The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract of providing Services within 14 days without giving any reason by sending to the Seller a statement.
  2. The statement of withdrawing from the contract may be sent to the Seller by post: ul. Przedwiośnie 7/9, Katowice 40-315 or by mail to: [email protected].
  3. The 14 day period is counted from the day of conclusion of the contract of providing Services.
  4. When the Seller receives the statement of withdrawing from the contract from the Consumer, a confirmation of receiving a statement of withdrawing will be send by e-mail to the Consumer.
  5. The right of withdrawing from the contract does not apply in following cases:
          a. for providing services where the Operator has fully performed the services with the consumer’s explicit consent, and the consumer was informed before the commencement of the service that they would lose the right to withdraw from the contract upon the completion of the service by the Operator;
          b. for the delivery of digital content which is not recorded on a physical medium, where the provision of the service commences upon the consumer’s explicit consent before the time limit for withdrawal from the contract expires and after the consumer is notified by the Operator of the loss of the right to withdraw from the contract

      6. In the case of withdrawing from a contract, the contract shall be deemed not to have been concluded. What was provided should be returned unchanged, unless the change was necessary within reasonable use especially to ascertain the nature, features and functions of the goods. The return should happen no later than within 14 days.
      7. The Seller informs that before the commencement of such Services as: the purchase of an Item on the Website, opening of the box with an Item, box with daily bonus, box with discount codes, improvement of a Skin, paying out of an Item, they will demand from the Consumer the approval to provide the Services. The Consumer will loose the right to withdraw from the contract upon the completion of the service.


XII. Complaints about Item

  1. Seller is responsible on front of the Client, also a Client which is a Consumer for the warranty for defects referred to in art. 556-576 of Polish Civil Code. For a Client being a sole trader or a company the responsibility of the Seller for the warranty for defects is invalid.
  2. Complaints should be brought to the Seller by post: ul. Przedwiośnie 7/9, Katowice 40-315 or by mail: [email protected].
  3. We recommend to provide in the complaint your  name and surname, address, type and description of the issue.
  4. The Seller is obliged to settle the complaint within 14 days.
  5. In case of missing information in the complaint, the Seller will notify the Client to immediately complete the missing information but not longer than 7 days from the day of the received notification.

XIII. Complaints about electronic services

  1. The User may bring to the Operator complaint about the functioning of the Website and the Services of the Operator.
  2. Complaints should be brought to the Seller by post: ul. Przedwiośnie 7/9, Katowice 40-315 or by mail: [email protected].
  3. We recommend to provide in the complaint your name and surname, address, type and description of the issue.
  4. The Seller is obliged to settle the complaint within 14 day
  5. In case of missing information in the complaint, the Seller will notify the Client to immediately complete the missing information but not longer than 7 days from the day of the received notification.

XIV. Intellectual property law

  1. All rights to the Website, in particular copyrights, intellectual property rights to the trade name, Internet domain, logo, publisher material on the Website belong to the Operator. You can not use it without prior consent of the Operator.
  2. You must not make any copy of any material from the Website for any business related use whatsoever. The Operator may demand compensation for such an infringement of the intellectual property law.

XV. Final provisions

  1. In matters not covered by the Terms and conditions the Polish Civil Code, Law of Provision of Electronic Services, Consumer Rights Act should apply.
  2. Would any change be made to these Terms and conditions, the User will be informed through an information on the Website containing the details of the changes and the date of their implementation. The date of implementation will not be shorter than 14 days from the announcement date. The lack of approval of the changes will as a consequence cause the withdrawal from the contract to provide Services.