CS:GO is a game that requires 100% of our focus. Giving your maximum effort is the foundation in order to keep up our team and rank up quickly. Many of you probably need moments of relaxation after many hours of competitive matchmaking, however, the question arises, can this happen without turning off our favorite game which is Counter Strike? Of course, you can! Below, you will find interesting commands which will surely make your hard day a lot better! 

3 Funny Commands For Playing CS:GO

Remember! You can only use commands on private servers. For these to work, you have to write: ‘’sv_cheats 1’’ in the console before beginning. 

  1. Automatic BunnyHop

Many of us would want to do a bunnyhop such as LOLYOU, or other youtubers who show off their skills on videos. Although, it is not as easy as you may think as it requires lots and lots of hours of training. Therefore, there are two commands that can help us here as they enable us to bunnyhop automatically by holding the space bar. 

sv_autobunnyhopping 1  - the command which activates the bunnyhop.

sv_enablebunnyhopping 1 - the command which turns off speed limits on the server. 

  1. No Gravity, Jumping High 

Thanks to this command, we can feel like we are on another planet! No gravity on the server lets us perform really high jumps! Surprise your friends and jump on their head at the least expected moment! 

sv_gravity 200 -  The command to lower gravity on the server.

  1. Bouncing off walls 

Do you wanna feel like in a jumping arena by bouncing off the walls? Admittedly, here it will be a lot harder! By hitting a wall, you can even bounce off to the end of the map! Surely, everyone would like this form of fun.

sv_bounce 20 - the command enabling bouncing off walls.

Have fun!