The phenomenon of having CS:GO skins is very familiar to all of us. This brings the question…

Were CS:GO skins available since the beginning of the game?

Well, no they haven’t. Skins in the Global Offensive version of the game were introduced nearly a year after the game was released. Today, we can be sure that the times when skins were not available in the game are far beyond us and will never return. Therefore, in this text we will inspect the skins that nearly every CS:GO player dreams of, especially after the actions of these professional players!


The skin that doesn’t have to be introduced to anyone. The Dragon Lore is known by nearly every player and not only. Some people love it, whereas others hate it. Not everyone finds it pleasantly looking but one thing is sure... everyone would love to have it in their inventory! Not a lot of players and professional players have the skin, however, when we see someone who has it, it definitely stays with us! This happens especially after actions such as the one Device did in ESL ONE COLOGNE. 


You can call it the ‘’Legendary’’ skin. In his times, probably one of the best looking, if not the best-looking skin in the game. Unfortunately, you cannot receive it from any case today. The skin has received a ‘’contraband’’ quality tag, because the creator plagiarized the wolf graphic which can be seen on the skin. Some time ago, the skin was very popular among professional players. A very memorable action with the use of it is when the American Player ‘’Hiko’’ clutched during the majors in 2016. He showed a great amount of skill and technique with the Howl in a tournament where the main prize was 500.000 dollars. 


When hearing ‘’Deagle Blaze’’ everyone remembers one action. Right, it’s ‘’Happy’’ and his legendary ace on de_inferno. An action known to all, which quickly circulated the world and became the most popular play in the history of CS:GO. It’s not a great shock, because ‘’Happy’’ performed an amazing play, additionally using this characteristic skin! For many, the skin looks very sensational and they would love to have it, especially when we can see it in these types of actions. 

This skin as well as others for the Deagle, can be dropped in this case :

AWP | Asiimov

The Asiimov doesn’t need an introduction. A skin which has been held by nearly every CS:GO player. During its time, it was very popular within players, among others such as ‘’KennyS’’ who used the AWP to perform major plays and therefore called it the ‘’Magic Stick’’. Today, it is a very popular skin because of its history, price and pleasant appearance. However, the action that is remembered by most with this skin is ‘’coldzera’’ on de_mirage. Certainly, every CS:GO fan will remember this action for a very long time. 

You can get this skin in our case:

In the text, we have only shown a few skins which ‘’have their place in history’’, but there's probably a whole lot more of them and most players have a favourite skin depending on the event it reminds them of.