We know not from today, that CS:GO players love skins. The easiest way is to buy them from the steam market, but will it bring us satisfaction? Not always. 

We will probably feel the satisfaction of having the skin, however the awareness of the price we have paid may hurt us a little. Here come the cases with skins! 

Are cases with skins worth opening?

A lot of us ask ourselves the same question. But the answer is easy. If it gives you fun, then it’s worth it. If you do not like the emotions related to a draw, buying a skin for a high price on the steam market is a better solution :)

An advantage of opening cases is the fact that you can get a skin which could be worth even 10 times more than the price paid. Practically, every few days someone drops a knife worth a few hundred PLN from a case worth less than a dozen. 

Why do people open cases?

Who doesn’t like the emotions related to drawing and the uncertainty of what we will get?

It is the main reason why people open cases. The possibility of getting expensive skins for little money is full of emotions and each player hopes to get this. When this happens, and the item is a lot more valuable than the case, it brings great satisfaction! 

Friends who would see your new skin in CS:GO would be surprised because who doesn’t like to brag and share happiness with others :) 

Why do people like to open cases outside of steam?

The answer is simple. On external sites there are a lot of interesting cases created by admins usually from skins chosen by users. We can find 50/50 cases there, as well as more affordable cases for 1-3 PLN which we otherwise wouldn’t be able to open in CS:GO as they will not be introduced. To summarise, CS:GO cases are just boring, whereas external sites offer more interesting alternatives due to the help of many users :)

How to open cases to win?

Unfortunately, there is no correct method. The drop from cases is very random, and not always can we leave with a high profit, if any profit at all. When opening cases, it is important to know the limit, and feel the moment when it is time to stop opening.