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April 15, 2021

Top 10 Most Popular Cases Opened on in 2020 - a site which is on the market for over 4 years now, happily visited by users all over the world. There are over one million registered users today and still counting! You are probably wondering which cases are opened most willingly by the users on our site? We have created a small ranking based on data gathered back in 2020. Read on!

The 10 Most Opened Cases On CaseDrop

The list consists of 10 of the most opened cases from the beginning of our site. 

Number 1 - The Silver 1 Case

The case consists of the cheapest skins in the game! So why is it in the first place? This is due to its price which is just 1.25PLN, which also means that it is the cheapest available case on our site. Additionally, the case is available once, for free when the user registers through a reference link or code. 

Number 2 - The 50% Phobos Case

Today, the case is no longer available as it has been withdrawn from the site, but when it was available, you could receive the AWP | Phobos or a skin worth a few cents. The case was a 50/50 as you could win ‘’all or nothing’’. The AWP Phobos used to be one of the cheapest skins for the sniper rifle, with an interesting appearance for its price. The case was withdrawn due to the lack of interest in it within the last few months, and because there were new skins introduced that were more interesting and replaced them. 

Number 3 - The Gold 1 Case

One of the cheapest cases from which we can gain decent skins. Its price is a bit over 3PLN, but we have the chance of getting M4A1-S Cyrex, Decimator, and also AK-47 Orbit Mk01.

Number 4 - The Good Luck Case

It is a case from the ‘risky’ category as it contains 4 knives, each worth a couple of hundred PLN and a P250 Boreal Forest. Of course, the chances for a knife are very low, but, with enough luck, it is possible. This case is an interesting option for spending the rest of your balance after an opening as we have nothing to lose so we can risk it. Then we can leave the site either satisfied or very satisfied with a knife.

Number 5 - Mil- Spec Case

It is a case full of blue quality skins, nevertheless, some of the skins are very pleasing. You can easily call this case an “affordable” one because its price is very low, however you can open really nice skins from it, usually more expensive than the case itself. 

Number 6 - Gold II Case

You can call it the upgraded version of the ‘Gold I case’, because it is still just a few PLN, but the skins are way better than its predecessor. An interesting alternative for those who want more for a low price. 

Number 7 - Golden Goal Case

This case is similar to the ‘GOOD LUCK’ case as it requires a lot of luck because there are a few knives available, and graffiti worth practically nothing. The case costs a few PLN, but after a good amount of luck we can earn a few hundred. 

Number 8 - Big Luck Case

This is also a case for those who like the risk as we can get four knives from the ‘’doppler’’ category, additionally the AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge, P90 Asiimov, P250 Mehndi, and graffitti. The price is also a few PLN, meaning the percentage for a valuable skin is low. 

Number 9 - The Key Case

A case from which we can either get a key, or a case from the classic CS:GO cases. In the past, this case was very popular, however, today, there are a lot more cases on the site which have a much higher chance for valuable items leading users to choose other cases. 

Number 10 - Fire Case

A very interesting case due to the fact that all the skins inside relate to fire. Inside, we can find things such as knives relating to ash, AWP Wildfire, and other interesting skins. The price of the case is the lower limit of a dozen or so PLN. 

Are you curious about what the top 10 opened cases are this year, or for the last month? Let us know in a comment!