CS:GO offers us a variety of interesting game modes. Characteristically, for the legendary game which is Counter-Strike, the classic 5v5 competitive matchmaking is the most known as it has been available since the first version of the game. The interesting modes which the game offers are: deathmatch, arms race, danger zone, casual, or playing with bots on private servers. While playing with bots, or with our friends on private servers, commands may become useful. For example, this command will allow us to add money during the game. 

The Command To Add You Money In CS:GO

We can only use this command if:

  • We are playing with bots on a server
  • We are the admin or owner of our own server
  • The server allows the use of commands

Getting to the point:

The first step is to use the command which allows the use of commands: “sv_cheats 1”

Next, we use the command that will add us the maximum amount of cash which is by default $16000. The command will also automatically buy us a kevlar and helmet and bring our health to the maximum. 

It is good to remember, that the maximum amount of cash on a server can be changed up to 100000$! This can be done by using one, simple command which is: “mp_maxmoney 100000”